Objects prepared for casting

Working with Lee Odishow (Dish) and Carmarthen School of Art at Coleg Sir Gar on casting several objects in bronze. Their facilities and Dish’s skills are an integral part of the making and learning for this project. The objects are of no monetary value in their original forms – small everyday things from my past and present. The alchemy of casting will create the ‘findings’, the things found – or re-found through the process – while the originals will be lost through the ‘lost wax’ process that will burn them out to create the moulds.

“…the images are of ‘upside down’ systems. The objects are attached to cups (brown wax) and that will allow the bronze into the mould and objects, the red wax are the risers and they will allow the air to escape. The whole system will be covered in ceramic shell (apart from the widest part of the cup) and the wax and objects will be melted/burnt out in a kiln”.