A Cowboy in Tomorrowland

By entering the gates of a theme park even the most unlikely and unwilling participants enter a contract with themselves to be open to the possibilities of imagination. The possibility of elsewhere.

For Civic at Cardiff Contemporary 2014, Jason & Becky explore the power of elsewheres within the city of Cardiff. Enabling individually dynamic landscapes of motion, with out-of-the-ordinary movement as an integral and essential phenomenon.

A Cowboy in Tomorrowland is a promenade soundscape that engages participants with a pre-existing visual landscape. During the 45 minute immersive performance, participants are invited to re-invent the everyday architecture of the city to form a living background to a new adventure. There is a limit of 6 participants for each event and the work is suitable for ages 16 and over only. Please wear appropriate footwear for a 45 minute walk. The immersive nature of the performance requires some light exercise and contains some stairs. If you have difficulty with mobility, please enquire for details regarding how we may accommodate you.



Investigating the socio-economic and socio-political condition, Jason & Becky work collaboratively to address a number of questions regarding our current human and social state. Through their practice, interventions and socially engaging experiments, they explore and provoke reactions, often with no pre-determined outcomes.

They challenge perceptions and aim to engage participants, blurring boundaries and pushing limits through interaction – often resulting in revealing insights into human relationships, questioning the judgements, beliefs, awareness, appreciation and understanding of others.

Viewers and participants are often challenged to rethink their relationships to one another and their surroundings, confronting altered situations and simulated environments designed to create the uncertainty of internal dispute.