The Jane Phillips Award Residency

The Jane Phillips Award  is intended as a legacy to artist and curator Jane Phillips and her passion for mentoring and nurturing talent. For almost 10 years, the residency has supported emerging and early career artists across the Visual and Applied Arts in Wales, Europe and the US. For Cardiff Contemporary, 2 young artists studying or based in south Wales, were invited to undertake short residencies to respond to CIVIC themes.

Matthew Otten
Matthew Otten is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Neath, South Wales. During his residency, he developed a series of drawings that examine the natural environment. His practice has been influenced by the mythologies of Nordic and Southeast Asian cultures, particularly those with a connection to the forest. His style is an experimental combination of traditional drawing and digital compositing that values clarity, balance, and simplicity. 

His illustrations evolved into the animation above ‘Difference’ which was shown the following year in Mission Gallery’s programme for film and moving image, the […] space.

Karen Tobin
Home is the documentation of a series of walks undertaken by the artist in various cities throughout the UK presented as an installation in Mission Gallery (image above). Tobin internally maps each city, making use of the quirks in the city’s architecture to help her to record her journey and successfully navigate each place. The walks are part of a familiarisation process, a way of ‘learning’ the city.

Visiting and revisiting these cities imbues each one with feelings of nostalgia. Having lived in Ireland all her life before moving to the UK for seven years to study, Home represents the artist’s desire to recreate a sense of belonging to a place. During her residency Tobin plotted her journeys on maps using the key points that have helped her identify the city.

Karen Tobin is a visual artist based in Ireland, who studied BA Fine Art in Swansea, south Wales.