Catriona Ryan

There is a poet in Everyone.

For one week during the course of the CIVIC exhibition I have been conducting two hour poetry workshops twice a day at Mission Gallery.  The poetry workshops have been incredibly engaging. I have found that the power of the poetry of Dylan Thomas, Shakespeare and Plath inspired incredibly original imagery which the participants integrated into a beautiful poetic space of meditations on the physical and metaphysical dimensions of windows. They explore the heart of window metaphors which each participant constructed in really incredible forms. The windows of the heart; the existential boundary of the self were motifs the participants mediated in incredibly original ways.

Emily Franks’s poem explores the theme in the context of hope:

‘The sky sash trades
Poverty for a portal.
A silvered opening

Juliet Llewellyn explored her own creative process and linked it to her own sense of the creative mind:

Nakedness is emptiness
Glazed space’

Rene wards saw the esoteric window in terms of a, ‘Moon at a dreaming height

Ann Shabbaz viewed through the metaphorical window a vision of her mother:

‘Raw earth and liquid languid eyes is what
I saw that day long ago when leaving home.

Maybelline Breeze envisioned the experience of the adventurer:

The wanderer white chimed by
Flat ringing echoes’

Silva Huws saw the reflection of the moon: ‘The purity of the cold sliver of moon.’

Jean James saw the heart of female identity through the poetic glass: ‘She is moon framed…in the flat light of a muted room.’

Eva saw a positive light:‘ Quiet hope absorbs the void’

Nathan Collins saw the echo of fragility: ‘Fragile eyes open with broken beginnings’

Claire Moore saw ‘a view of splendid isolation

Elizabeth Taylor saw a marginalised picture: ‘Sealed imprisoned I absorb my daily sun’

 All poets performed their work which is played on a loop throughout the rest of the exhibition period.  Their poems are exhibited on a plinth which is getting full of the most inspiring work. 

Dr Catriona Ryan is a poet, theorist and academic author. In 2012 she published  a book on the theatre of Tom Mac Intyre which was described by Professor Willy Maley (Glasgow University) as a ‘pioneering work of criticism.’ She created a new critical theory, paleo-postmodernism, for that research and is now extending it to other research areas. She is also developing other theoretical frameworks including ideas related to quantum physics and structuralism.  She has performed her poetry internationally and has published her poetry both in Britian and Ireland. She is working on her first collection. She is the co-founder of the internationally renowned Irish experimental poetry festival, Soundeye.  She has written plays, one of which toured Italy in 1998. 

She is currently editing a collection of essays on the experimental short story which will be launched in 2014.   Her book on Tom Mac Inytre entitled Border States in the Work of Tom Mac Intyre: A Paleo-Postmodern Perspective will have its Irish launch in the Abbey Theatre in the summer of 2014. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at University of Wales, Trinity St. David, Swansea and  is currently working on a number of interdisciplinary projects.