City Of Fields is the culmination of CIVIC IN VENICE, Jason & Becky’s month-long residency at Casa Dell’Ospitalità, St. Alvise, Venice. After a series of ‘intermotional’ mapping workshops during which friends of the Foundation marked a map of Venice with different colours corresponding to different moods, a new geography for Venice was developed – four imaginary Venitian ‘Campi’ (squares), telling the stories of the feelings hidden within the folds of the real city;

Campo della Speranza – Campo of the Hopeful
Campo dei Disperati – Campo of the Despairing
Campo degli Amati – Campo of the Appreciated
Campo degli Sperduti – Campo of the Lost

The geometric form of each new imaginary Campi was derived from the ‘shapes’ of the feelings of participants at each mapping workshop during the residency.

For the closing event of CIVIC IN VENICE at Teatrino Groggia, the guests, staff and friends of Casa Dell’Ospitalita held a lino-printing workshop in the studio with Jason & Becky, producing a series of 300 hand-printed postcards. Each set of postcards features one of the four fields. It is hoped that some of the postcards will find their way to Mission Gallery, in Swansea, during Jason & Becky’s exhibition Viscositecture, open from 9th September to 18th November, 2016.

If you have a postcard, you can write a message about a time in your life (past or present) when you have felt lost, despairing, hopeful or appreciated, and send it to Mission Gallery, at the following address:

Mission Gallery
Gloucester Place
Maritime Quarter
Swansea SA1 1TY
Wales, UK

Jason & Becky look forward to hearing from you!


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