…the only sane foregone conclusion about any relationship is that it is an experiment; and that what it is an experiment in will never be clear to the participants.

Phillips, Adam. (2005) Going Sane. Penguin, London.

This project proposes the creation of short or long term conversations or collaborations, bringing people together to examine what we might make and do (better) when we have knowledge of each others lives and skills, and how relationships within and beyond organisational and other structures might be formed and informed by this process.

If our specialised practices are hard to explain even to those working in related creative areas, can we hope to communicate with those working outside these fields? What is it we really want to discuss? How can we initiate and sustain a useful dialogue? Will these conversations wander further into inaccessibility or will the participants find ways to turn them outwards, towards the wider world or as a response to specific contexts?

Processes: Journeys, residencies, exhibitions, events, correspondence (by email or post) and publications