CIVIC Conversations were a key component of the collaborative curatorial Residency Unlimited residency undertaken by Amanda Roderick and Bella Kerr in New York, in 2016. About a dozen meetings were arranged and these were recorded when possible, and permission sought from participants for some to be edited and published.  The following questions were used to initiate discussion:

  • How are location, site and architecture important when defining a gallery/other organisation and its artistic philosophy?
  • What are the connections to the city/place and wider community?
  • How does partnership work and feed into an organisation’s programming and strategy?
  • How do the smaller galleries, grass roots organisations, studio groups and collectives, work
  • alongside each other in collaboration with the larger established venues?
  • Are genuine creative partnership formed to the benefit of each organisation and the artists/others involved?

Further interviews were undertaken in the UK to provide comparative material.

All conversations also considered organisational structure, offering parallel stories of individual leaders with clear intentions and ethical positions, the issue of funding, and speculation on the development of personal and organisational knowledge. 

6 edited conversations are presented here and provided as downloadable pdfs.