Lindsay Halton: Swansea

What you see around you is a reflection of who you are, so create the change you want to see in the world. Paint your picture – your home is your canvas. Walk your talk – your life is your journey home.

How do you colour your life ?

We colour our lives in different ways – through different coloured lenses we perceive the world. Some may see through rose-coloured glass, taking an optimistic view, seeing the happy side of life, or seeing things the way they want them to be. Some colour it green with envy, blue with melancholy, pristine white and holier-than-thou, or black with sombre mood.

All around you life is coloured in a beautiful way. You may not see it; it may not appear that way from your point of view. Looks can be deceptive, for beauty touches the heart – it needn’t be appealing to the eye. Our homes need not be pictorially beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and squeaky clean. Our homes are mirrors of ourselves.

I encourage you to see your home in a new way and to form an intention illuminating what you really want in life. Actions speak louder than words, so now it is time to create the change you want to see in your life.Put your heart into this work, for whatever you put into it will motivate the outcome. To reconstruct symbolically a part of your life that needs rebuilding, maintenance or repair, first you need to prepare your space: Clear the site, get rid of the clutter and clean it. You have to make some room for something new to enter. Your preparations welcome the new.

We are all attached to everything we own: every piece of paper, every book and every object, all the things we have stored up in the attic or in the garage and the spare room, and all the presents we feel obliged to keep. Our attachments are illuminating; they are like threads connecting us to the people, places and things that form the context of our lives. Too many attachments are like overgrown brambles sucking nourishment from fertile ground. Freed from these attachments we feel a sense of release, a feeling of lightness accompanies the clearing process.

I look beyond the surface in search of beauty and poetry. The Welsh poet Dylan Thomas knew this well, throughout his life he drew inspiration from his hometown Swansea, the place he called his “ugly lovely town”. In its ugliness and its loveliness your home can nourish your life. The healing process is the same as the creative process. Engaged in the act of creation we seem at first to make a mess, and when the body is healing the symptoms often get worse before the condition gets better. A similar thing happens at home when we clear our space.

My book ‘The Secret of Home’ is not about design; it is a book about entering your story, reading your home, and creating the changes that you want in your life. So In this homesouls work there is no prescription – the power for change lives with you:

Choose the qualities of design that best support your issues?
Consider what atmosphere do you want to create?
Decide what story you want to tell?
Illuminating your experience so that meaning shines through in the form of what you do. The secret of home