Residency Closing Event

Cristiano prepares little pizzas and biscotti for the Closing Event…

Listening cones – a late addition to the presentation – with the prints brought as presents for the house, now installed in the hall.

The closing presentation – an arrangement of objects, the studio furniture, sound and video projection.

Working at SantʼAlvise – listening to the house, voices and the garden – I felt welcome but uncertain. With little Italian I learnt to speak though other people, through actions and objects. As I worked in my studio, guests visited one by one to talk about their lives, things they had made, their interests. I gathered the sounds of the house (recorded and edited by Lyndon Jones) and filmed shadow patterns. I started to make long, horizontal drawings inspired by the panoramic views from the garden, each a diary or tachograph of events. Large tabletop drawings, and constructions made from cardboard boxes and wood became the locations for my objects, as I worked each day through the processes of looking, making, listening and talking. All the guests have provided practical help, assistance and inspiration.

These activities have created a studio filled with assemblages, occupying a space between the sentimental and the scientific – a space stocked with small units, each an unfixed ʻbrickʼsuggesting the possibility of movement and change.(Thanks to Amanda Roderick for assistance with installation.)

Robin translates at the event – big thanks!

“Thank you to everyone here at Sant’Alvise for everything!

To Sergio, Lele, Aldo, Cristiano, Gilberto, Vito, Luigi, Paul, Massimo and Faroq. And to Andrea, Elisa, Denada and Allessandro for their help and good company. To Barbara and Robin for translation and their interest and support.

A residency should move an artist’s work forward – and this one has done that for me – it has changed me. I have learnt a huge amount. I have been made so welcome here and been so well cared for – and feel in some way that I have returned to a protected and carefree childhood – a time when I could make and draw – hearing, as Lele put it so beautifully, the voices of the house in other rooms – unclear, un-translated – but heard and welcome.

The work is quite simple:

A series of diary drawings

An installation made with the objects I brought here and those that I have gathered and made here, including sound recordings and videos – that is, very simply, a picture of this place.

Within the work are things I have commissioned from expert makers:

The bronzes I brought, made with Carmarthen School of Art

My business cards and poem made by Gianni Basso, here in Venice

Two sorts of biscotti made by Cristiano

The little pizzas are ready to eat now, and as you eat them, I will start to deconstruct the installation so that I can distribute objects to all wish to take them – you may keep them, eat them, hide them, lose them, or give them to someone else.

When I have given them to people I will set out on a short walk to leave or lose ( or not) those that I have and I would be happy for anyone to join me – or to make their own journey with their object.”

Mai looks at the installation.
Theo listens to the garden.

Pizzas are served – and eaten quickly!

The objects are distributed – 30 objects will be left here in Venice – or with people who are here now – they may be given, discarded, kept, carried, hidden…

Cristiano comes out of the kitchen to take a bow with Lele, Amanda, Bella, Sergio (Cristiano) and Aldo!